NEW: Czech toll system starting from 01.12.2019

As of 01.12.2019 CZECH will start a new tolling system and all existing Premid boxes must be replaced with new ones:
Deposit of the new box is 2468 CZK.

Port 1 offers the new CZ box in:
1) post-pay system – trucks must be pre-registered. To register the trucks please send us plate numbers by e-mail and we will make the registratiom.

2) pre-payment system – pre-registration is not necessary.

Ticket: ROLA „Rollende Landstraße“ (Rail Cargo Operator Austria)


We are pleased to inform that starting from 01.10.2018 is possible to pay for ROLA „Rollende Landstraße“ (Rail Cargo Operator Austria) tickets with Port1/Logpay fuel-card.

Payments can be done directly at the terminal, online booking is not possible. Transactions are invoiced without Austrian VAT.

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NEW: Slovenian toll system starting from 01.04.2018


As of 1 April 2018 Slovenia will start a new tolling system – DarsGo

DarsGo is a modern electronic tolling system in free traffic flow, which will apply to vehicles whose maximum permissible weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes.

It is possible to connect DarsGo toll device to our Port1/Logpay card and invoicing will go trough Port1.


Mandatory company and vehicle registration in the DarsGo

system can be done:

1) at ...

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