• Refundable rate €/litre:
    01-31/07/2019 – 0,2476158
    01-30/06/2019 – 0,2476158
    01-31/05/2019 -0,2476158
    01-30/04/2019 – 0,2476158
    01-31/03/2019 – 0,2476158
    01-28/02/2019 – 0,2476158
    01-31/01/2019 – 0,2476158
  • The letter of authorization must be submitted first, after that Belgium authorities will issue license number for your company.
  • Refund can be claimed from transactions made after issuing the license number.
  • Refund can be claimed from invoices issued by “professional fuel seller” only (cash receipts are not accepted).
  • Weight of the truck must be at least 7500 kg.
  • Minimum quantity per one refund application is at least 5000 litres per semi-annum.
  • Refund can be done quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
  • Claim submitting deadline is 3 years (e.g. for 01-12.2015 invoices, the claim has to be submitted latest 31.12.2018).

Necessary documents and procedures:

  • Signed agreement with Port 1,
  • Letter of authorization,
  • Copies of vehicles technical passports,
  • Copies of leasing or rental agreements if truck is leased/rented,
  • Copy of EU transport licence,
  • Copies of fuelling invoices,
  • Refunding application with appendixes – Port 1 will send via e-mail, pre-filled form for signing.

Service charge: 8% from the refunded amount but not less than 65 EUR.
Issuing the invoice: After the refund has been made.

Additional information: Pille – 6799506,

Indicative prices can be followedhere.

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The first consultation is free of charge. When signing contract Port1 customers will get discount for services 10% or more