Excise duty

Excise duty refund for transportation companies

It is possible to request excise duty refund through Port1 from Belgium, Spain, France and Slovenia.

Current fuel excise duty refund rates are:

  • Belgium – 0,2476158€/liter
  • Spain- 0,049 €/liter
  • France:
    04.-06.2021 – 0,1571 €/liter
    01.-03.2021 – 0,1571 €/liter
  • Slovenia:
    01.-05.2021 – 0,05767 €/liter

Additional information: Pille – +3726799506, vat@port1.ee

To see the prices, please log in to self-service www.port1.ee and choose "PERSONAL PRICE MAP" from the menu.

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