UK toll payment

UK Government announced that they will suspend toll payment obligation for one year from 1st August 2020 to 31st July 2021, because of Covid-19 pandemic. This means that during the suspension period hauliers will not need to purchase a Levy when coming into the UK.

If customers have already paid an annual fee or a semi-annual fee, this can be refunded in appropriate proportion by means of a “discount application”. This application must be made via the customer account ...

NEW: Czech toll system starting from 01.12.2019

As of 01.12.2019 CZECH will start a new tolling system and all existing Premid boxes must be replaced with new ones:
Deposit of the new box is 2468 CZK.

Port 1 offers the new CZ box in:
1) post-pay system – trucks must be pre-registered. To register the trucks please send us plate numbers by e-mail and we will make the registratiom.

2) pre-payment system – pre-registration is not necessary.

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