• Refundable rate:
    from 01.01.23- 0,1571 €/liiter
  • Refund can be claimed from invoices issued by “professional fuel seller” only (cash receipts are not accepted).
  • Weight of the truck must be at least 7500 kg.
  • Maximum refund quantity is 40 000 liters per one vehicle.
  • The plate number of the vehicle must be printed on the fuel card.
  • Refund can be done quarterly only
  • Refunding can be claimed two years back (e.g. 2021 claim should be issued no later than 31st of December 2023).
  • Applicant is liable 3 years to keep all the necessary documents that were used in the refunding process. This includes – receipts, original invoices, CRM’s and tachographs. All the documents must be sent to France tax authority when they request them. If failing to do so or issuing falsified data, then they have the right to reclaim already refunded excise and future refunding is not possible.

Necessary documents and procedures:

  • Signed agreement with Port 1.
  • Copies of vehicles technical passports.
  • Copies of leasing or rental agreements if truck is leased/rented.
  • Copy of EU transport license.
  • Copies of fueling invoices.
  • Letter of authorization to Port 1

Service charge: 8% from the refunded amount but not less than 65 EUR.
Issuing the invoice: After the refund has been made.