About us


Port One OÜ has been offering refuelling for road transport and logistics companies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania since 2000. Today we also service clients from Poland and we have added numerous possibilities for refuelling and additional services. Through us there is possibility to fuel in 30 countries across Eastern and Western Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Romania, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Great Britain, Denmark, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary. Besides fuelling we offer the possibility to pay road-tolls in 17 countries and also VAT and fuel excise recovery.

We offer convenient and safe way to purchase fuel abroad, pay for road-tolls and recover VAT and excise. Foreign exchange rates to euro are favourable, invoicing clear and punctual, tracking the transactions and invoices is possible in online self-service. As a smaller business, our service is more flexible than it would be in a multinational corporation – customers wishes, needs and suggestions are taken into account much more.

Our goal is to offer long-term partnership, best price to quality ratio, simple and convenient way of conduction business and also modern solutions!

To see the prices, please log in to self-service www.port1.ee and choose "PERSONAL PRICE MAP" from the menu.