About us

Since 2000 Port One OÜ has been offering refueling possibilities for road transport and logistics companies from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

As of summer 2021, we are 100% owned by Novofleet VGmbH, which is a part of an industry-leading service provider DKV Mobility Group.

Today our customers have the possibility to use more than 63,000 filling stations and nearly 413,000 electrical charging points in more 50 service countries.

Besides refueling we also offer a possibility to use thousands of car washes, parking lots, truck and tyre repair workshops and hundreds of railway and ferry connections.

By using our cards, the customers can also contribute to climate neutrality.

In addition, we offer the possibility to pay tolls in many European countries, including a universal box for the main roads in Europe.

In cooperation with REMOBIS, we offer VAT and fuel excise duty refund, including fast refunds.

Billing is clear and accurate, transactions and invoices can be tracked on-line in self-service.

With us you will continue to be cost-effective – our salespeople will help you with this, if needed.

Our long-term cooperation with IDS (Kuwait Petroleum) gives our customers an additional opportunity to use a secure and truck focused network of filling stations in Europe.

Our goal is to offer you a long-term partnership, the best pricing and quality ratio in the field, simple and convenient administration and modern solutions!

To see the prices, please log in to self-service www.port1.ee and choose "PERSONAL PRICE MAP" from the menu.