UK toll payment

UK Government announced that they will suspend toll payment obligation for one year from 1st August 2020 to 31st July 2021, because of Covid-19 pandemic. This means that during the suspension period hauliers will not need to purchase a Levy when coming into the UK.

If customers have already paid an annual fee or a semi-annual fee, this can be refunded in appropriate proportion by means of a “discount application”. This application must be made via the customer account ...

One entry to UNIWAR Gorzyczki is closed

Dear all,
One entry to UNIWAR Gorzyczki is closed because of coronavirus, below is link for map.

Special arrangements due to Covid-19

Dear Client!

Due to an emergency situation caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Port One OÜ has been reorganized into home offices since 16.03.2020, which is why Siduri 3 office has been temporarily closed until 29.03.20.
If you need to send us paper VAT invoices for VAT refund or other paper documents, please do so by mail or leave it in the Port One OÜ mailbox in the lobby of our office building.

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