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NEW!  Electronic tolls in Belgium from 01.04.2016

Description: From April 2016 „Viapass“, a new satellite-based toll system, will be introduced on Belgian motorways for trucks over 3,5t. It will replace the current Eurovignettes, which will no longer be available. NB! Viapass can be ordered only if you have Port1/Logpay fuel-cards.

Cost: Each OBU requires a deposit of €135. Satellic does not sell the OBUs, it only lends them. The deposit will be refunded when the OBU is returned.

Invoicing: Twice a month

Registration: Viapass device can be ordered:

1)by registering trucks in webpage by signing in and entering company and truck data. NB! You should choose payment mode as post-paid payment via fuel card. You need Port1/Logpay fuel-card number and validity for registering. Devices will be sent by post to address you choose.

2) driver can take the Viapass device himself trough terminals:

service points:

Please find instruction, how to register yourself on Belgium tollpage, attached.

NB!  Belgium toll VAT invoices are available for download only in Belgium toll page:

Client must create an user account on the Satellic Road User Portal and download the VAT invoices, print out and send quarterly or annually to us for VAT refund. The invoices in this portal are only for VAT refund purpose, client doesn´t have to pay these, because these are already on Port One invoices.

Indicative prices can be followed here.

To see the prices, please log in to self-service and choose "PERSONAL PRICE MAP" from the menu.

Download XLSX

The first consultation is free of charge. When signing contract Port1 customers will get discount for services 10% or more