DKV fuel card

Road tolls in Denmark – Eurovignette

Eurovignette is a fee for using roads. Eurovignette system is applied in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden. All the vehicles weighing over 12 tonnes must have Eurovignett purchased in order to use the roads.

You can buy Eurovignettes with DKV fuel card through payment terminals or via internet

Bridges in Denmark – Øresund, Storebælt

With DKV fuel card you can pay for:

  • Øresund bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen
  • Storebælt bridge between Nyborg and Korsør.

If necessary, you can order a special DKV REETS box which enables to pay for Øresund and Storebælt bridge automatically (this box doesn’t enable to pay for Danish road tolls, but only for Øresund and Storebælt bridges).

Road toll calculator:


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