VIACARD is Italy’s toll motorway payment card. VIACARD is issued on the name of the company so all the trucks can use it since it’s not tied to one truck only. To join the system annual fee of 15.49 EUR (not dependant of the number of cards issued) and 3.10 EUR for each VIACARD needs to be paid.

TELEPASS – Device to pay road tolls which is installed on the windshield of the car. Device is linked with one truck. Main advantage of TELEPASS is speed – truck can pass toll payment booths without stopping.

Device cost per month is 1.04 EUR +20% (VAT)

Ordering the device takes approximately 2 weeks.

  • For ordering following items are needed – Truck number + Eurotype. Card is not bounded with a specific number of the car, requiring only the quantity of cards.
  • Service charge of 5% will be charged from the amount that the cared has been used for. Invoice will be sent once a month.
  • If device is not being used anymore it needs to be returned to Port One as quickly as possible, for lost/unreturned device 50 EUR will be charged.

To see the prices, please log in to self-service and choose "PERSONAL PRICE MAP" from the menu.