Minimum wage requirement in France (Loi Macron)

Starting from 01.07.16 in France is in force a new law, the so called ‘Loi Macron’ law. It states, that

foreign drivers must receive the French minimum wage while being in France. It applies to all

foreign road transport companies when doing transport operations (goods or passengers) in France, except transit. The French minimum wage depends on the qualification of the driver. The table with valid minimums is here.

The law states that foreign road transport companies must designate a representative in France and sign specific documents.

While being in France the drivers must always keep in the vehicle following documents:

  • The original of filled and signed attestation form with data of representative
  • A copy of the employment contract in the language it is signed
  • Collective labour agreement if one exists.

The signed attestation form is valid 6 months from signing.

Port1 is now offering possibility to designate the French representative and fill in the documents via our partner. If you are interested, please write to our e-mail and we will contact you.

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